These Ransomware Attacks Are Getting Out Of Control

We joke about stuff like this quite often, the humor has its way of working at times. This isn’t one of those written pieces to get chuckles out of you. This is really serious. The no. of ransomware attacks have gone up over the years. It’s one thing to have corporations and institutions being hacked, another is small-time business and local commercial zones terrorized by this sudden increase in incidents.

The attacks have gone up to 500% since the start of Covid-19. They have been getting out of control, right after people started dealing with financial problems since the pandemic. They’ve attacked public services like hospitals, law institutions, police headquarters, power lines, etc. And they’ve gotten even bolder now.

Dread For The Worse To Come

Ransomware payment for hackers, victims being exploited

There are some experts that believe, and few evidences having point to Bitcoin being somehow connected to these recent attacks. With the cryptocurrency at its largest presence, thanks to huge boosting, these perpetrators have been working endlessly to attack and exploit.

The recent ransomware attack came from Kasaya, an IT company that offers remote services, became a backdoor to thousands of companies that did business with them, thank to the hack. Most of these companies are now vulnerable thanks to the breach, both Kasaya, and 20 other service providers.

The group behind this attack was REvil, a Russian cyberhacking unit that has gone on a mayhem to create some Fsociety-esque scenario of hacking, where they’d get to steal millions of dollars. By exploiting all these companies while also stealing important data.

According to the database from international police, REvil is a very notorious crime gang. Considered to be highly prolific in cyber-extortionists. Queue the recent ransomware attacks.

President Joe Biden has added a new directive for the U.S. Intelligence Agencies to probe into these attacks and make sure they don’t happen again. The FBI blamed the same group for attacking meat packers, JBS SA.

Inc. has written an op-ed, describing their own incident of being a victim to one of these attacks themselves. Just go there to give it a read. They also give a few hints and advises here and there on how to avoid the next ransomware attack.

Written by Excalibruh

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