Age of mythology- worth revisiting?

Growing up, RTS games were pretty much standard among young kids. It wasn’t really a staple in the sense that our parents gave us educational games. Which promotes thinking among children but much rather a style of gameplay and storytelling which enticed us. Games like the Red Alert series, Age series and Warcraft gave us this rather challenging method to get through each levels to access to quite beautiful cut scenes or even great lore bombs. Age of mythology happened to be one of the games that was great for its time. However, the question in our mind is whether it stands today or not?

The 90s to early 2000s RTS heavy era isn’t as prevalent now as it was. Warcraft 3 reforged being a massive failure gave RTS fans quite the heavy injury. It is also quite sad to see that command and conquer games haven’t been available to us for years. As well due to difficulties in their company. That leaves us to one of the big news of 2021 being Age of empires 4. With its trailer dropping in April, the murmurs of the old forums of Microsoft games began to rustle again. Is this the recovery that the RTS genre needs to fully come back to the meta? While that question can be answered later. I decided that I would revisit one of my favorite RTS game of all time that being Age of Mythology.

Age of mythology is a fantasy themed RTS game which involves different interesting mythical religions coming together for an all-out clash. We have Greeks, Egyptian, Norse and Atlanteans with their Gods backing you up. As you prepare for a single player campaign which is challenging even by today’s standard. Or, you can hop online for a fun round with your friends. Which result in a lot of giggles, followed by your usual toxicity. Gameplay wise it remains faithful to most other games of its genre, build villagers, get resources and invade your enemy.

Although it is unique in the sense that different sects have different abilities known as God powers. Which when used tactfully can mean the difference between a win and a loss. It is a really unique blend to the RTS genre. Which can give the quite mind numbing formula of repeating the same thing every match a little respite. No two matches you play will be the same and that is perhaps one of the game’s greatest strength.

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Honestly, playing through the games the last few days really brought back that taste of childhood and playing it online gave this enjoyment that I did not experience from many games. The more I stepped out of my childhood shell I moved on to fps like Call of Duty 4 and MOBAs like DOTA. This left quite a hole in my heart as I slowly forgot these classical RTS titles I spent the majority of my time on. Having experienced most of the esports variants of games I can confidently say that nothing can compare to the raw competitive and skillful nature that RTS games have. It is quite literally the pinnacle of difficult video games when played the right way and it definitely needs a revisit. You can buy the game on Steam for 29.99$, why wait?

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