Among Us Chicken Nugget Sold For A 100 Grand

Ay, this thing is sus. A chicken nugget shaped exactly like Among Us figurine. Right down to its every crusty detail was sold for a 100,000 USD in an Ebay bid. The meme market is real, now stuff like this is selling for ridiculous prices. As if NFT’s weren’t bad enough.

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Screenshot From eBay

Humble Beginnings

What started out as just plain fun, turned into a huge media spotlight. The starting bid was little as 99 cents. Then went up to 5 dollars in a day. It was pretty cute to boot. Then 2 days later, somebody outrageously raised it to $14,869.69 on it. From that point on, it went insane with this among us chicken nugget.

The Among Us nugget came from a BTS Meal. Yeah, the highly popular Korean band you’ve heard of by now. Maybe it had something to do with that. Couldn’t be that plausible. But hey, go crazy with the guessing game.

Food, Tiniest Food

As for whether the food will be delivered intact, the seller has reassured the buyer that it will be deep freeze and air sealed before arriving at its destination. Heck, even the seller offered to give Szechuan sauce to the buyer if need be.

Though, should someone eat this? It should be preserved for historical reasons. Then again, it’s food. Maybe good enough for a viral video. Hopefully that 100K is worth it. Damn, rich people and meme culture.

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Written by Excalibruh

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