Battlefield 6 Gameplay Images Have Leaked

Battlefield, for better or worse, redefined the sandbox military shooter. Of course, we could talk about ARMA or Escape From Tarkov if you want. But no, let’s about the game that put us here since 2004. Battlefield 6, the newly anticipated game from EA and DICE had some images leaked from gameplay footage. Footage that was planned for showcase in E3.

World War 3

Based on the images leaked, a lot of it looks like DICE is finally moving past prehistoric warfare to something that’s beyond current circumstances. Yes, future warfare. This wouldn’t be DICE’s first foray into futuristic war as their other major release after Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142. Though it was mostly a PC release and didn’t capture the spotlight as the later Battlefield games would, this proved that DICE was capable of doing any kind of shooters they wanted.

Battlefield 6: Erste Screenshots geleakt

Now we come to the leaks, the UI looks colorful, vibrant yet pretty digital. As it isn’t subdued as the prior games. Looking at the cityscape, this could probably take place in some near future where warfare entered massive scale due to global conflicts.

One thing is clear, and that is urban warfare is back. Knowing what Frostbite 3 offers, there’s going to serious environment destruction for full display. Lots of structures, concretes, chunks to break with all the bullets in the world. Though how large scale this warfare would be is another thing to expect. Especially now that we have transitioned towards the new generation of consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Though not to wary, this could be a cross-generation release as well.

More images reveal that there are going to be aerial vehicles without propellers or turbines. Meaning this could be a few decades ahead of current time. Also, seeing the city across, map size could be larger.

What To Expect?

I am hoping that they’ve made changes and introduced new tech to the engine that is somewhat showing its age. There’s so much the next Battlefield could do. Heck, they could go larger than any of their prior games with large weapon rosters, vehicles to choose from, destructible environments, more maps to choose, etc.

Then again, this is a game released by EA. Despite the goodwill they’ve shown for the past 2 years, they could switch things up if they see fit. But I am hoping for the best for this one. It’s been years since I played a definitive BF title. Which was Battlefield 4. Lastly, they better not botch this up with a Battlefront 2 card based progression system, which was gutter trash when we first saw it.

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Written by Excalibruh

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