China Takedown On Gaming; Restricts Kids To Play 3Hrs Only Per Week

China doesn’t like it when people obsess over things that are counterproductive. Despite the fact it that something this counterproductive contributed to being one of its biggest market out there. Gaming to be specific. Video Games are considered to be a big taboo for children within the communist republic. So the government has formed a new mandate, that states that children will not be able to play games within school days. Will only do so for Fridays, weekends, and holidays. This rule, of course, only applies to online gaming.

China Don’t Want You Having Fun

Due to the rapid surge of online games, China has decided to increase the restrictions from earlier 1.5hrs a day to 1hr. Only this time for weekends and holidays. This is to ensure that the minds of the children aren’t corrupted by continuously playing video games, which is something of a growing trend in China for mostly teenagers and adults.

Online games in China mostly revolve around spending real life cash for points in-game in order to get ahead. This was frowned upon by people for years, as this encourage gambling and reckless spending. Especially children, they don’t know how to control that habit very well. Other reasons are for “effectively protect the physical and mental health of minors”.

Gaming cafe on China, where all the action happens

This had, of course, an alarming negative affect on China’s gaming market. As the children playing games were a big chunk of large companies bottom line. Now that line has been squeezed thin, they’re going to expand their player base beyond China now. It can also lead to a cascading effect on games for adults.

China has a long history of getting in between people playing video games. They once banned gaming consoles starting from 2001, which was lifted around the year 2015. Around that time before the lift, people mostly played either on PCs or knock-off gaming systems.

Written by Excalibruh

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