Dead Space Remake Is Here, And It’s Next-Gen Creepy

Ah yes, I would like it if Isaac makes us whole again. If you got the reference, then you’re much as stoked as I am to see EA returning to the franchise with a full-on remake by Motive studios. Who’s last game was the successful release, Star Wars: Squadron. A new trailer arrived for the game, and it looks gorgeously deadly.

In Space, No One Can You Hear You Scream

Dead Space takes place in a futuristic space setting, where you play as Isaac Clarke. A ship engineer alongside a recon squad is sent to the mining excavation cruise ship, the Ishimura for reconnaissance and report. What took place, however, was something far worse than anybody’s nightmares.

The game was a cult hit back in 2008, for its intense gameplay, horror atmosphere, sound design, and the minimalistic HUD display. The game became a successful franchise with spin-off Wii games, an animated origin story movie, and subsequent sequels of the main game. That’s where the money train ended however, the third game kind of killed it.

Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3, Awakened DLC

But Dead Space 3 ended on a giant cliffhanger thanks to the DLC that hinted about the Brethren Moon coming to attack Earth. Which never got a story continuation, so EA reviving this could mean they will move forward to continuing the story. Or ending it with Dead Space 1.

The new game is slated for release somewhere next year, development is still in early-phase. So with the updated Frostbite Engine, they’ll remake everything from the ground with the latest visuals. It is coming soon for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. Not only did Motive work on Star Wars: Squadron, but the studio’s other work also involved Mass Effect: Andromeda when they were Bioware Montreal, before the studio went through a shift.

Written by Excalibruh

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