E3 2021 Round-Up And Wrap Up

So E3 is over. Finally, it ended. It did a few days ago, and this is kind of a late pick-up subject. But it’s never too late to talk about the games that were revealed, reintroduced, releasing soon even. Also, hope you’re aware of this, but Sony didn’t show up this E3. Just like they didn’t for the last E3. Kind of doing their own thing now.

Square Enix Showcase

Eww, what was this? It’s like the company decided to be this giant cat that just hurled a slimy hairball of bad choices. The new spin-off to Final Fantasy 1, Strangers of Paradise was terribly shown and presented. A Marvel game that looks a bit iffy, sadly from the same studio that should be working on a new Deus Ex game instead, is making Marvel games. Oh the horror. Then there’s Babylon Falls….just go back to playing Nier: Automata or Replicant

Microsoft/Bethesda Showcase

Microsoft did pull the big guns again, their show had quite the oomph factor. Like announcing newer games, then showing some of Bethesda’s games. Then telling people they’re officially Xbox exclusives. Sad PonyStation face. But besides their own first party games, they’ve shown a slew of indie, more Halo: Infinite footage, and more of Battlefield 2042. It was a nice splendor. Microsoft did good. Though they weren’t done as they’ve planned for an extended showcase sometime soon.

Ubisoft Showcase

The only big redeeming thing about this show was that a new Mario + Rabbids sequel was coming out. Other than that, pretty lackluster. Disappointing reveals like the new Rainbox Six Extraction game. Which is a spin-off full price title, that looks like dookie. More Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC, please no. Some new sports game. Just Dance sequel…sigh. Also, a video of Far Cry 6, that only shows pretty little. Yeah, no, this one is another big woop.

Capcom Showcase

New Ace Attorney game. Resident Evil Village DLC, Monster Hunter Stories sequel, and some stuff for Monster Hunter: Rise. That’s it, show’s over. It ended before your grandmother could even finish her sentence.

PC Gaming Show

A good number of PC games shown here. Pick your poison from this list. Some stuff looks like something you’d wishlist. Really, PC gaming is still thriving while console games steal your moneys with half-measured releases.

Nintendo Showcase

Yes, yes, ANOTHER ONE! Another Smash character. This time it’s the spiky haired sinister dude from Tekken. A game that nobody who’s owned a Nintendo system has ever played. But I digress. What’s great about this one? A bunch of third-party games, Dragon Ball Kakorot, Mario party game, more Just Dance. These are pretty passé. What else?…..wait a minute. Shin Megami Tensei V reveal, Advance Wars 1+2, Fatal Frame 5 revival, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Danganronpa collection, new WarioWare game, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 gameplay, a new Metroid side scr– Really Nintendo?

Ok, besides the last one. If you don’t care about a bunch of these games because they didn’t sing blockbuster. Well, you wouldn’t care as much as Nintendo don’t. As much as those who bought the Switch for these games, they pretty did. In fact, you could say this is why the Switch is heralded as still one of the greatest systems out there and safe to say, Nintendo pretty much won this E3. Also, Nintendo, WHERE’S METROID PRIME 4?!

Summer Fest

So Geoff Keighley made his own show, starting just before E3. It’s pretty good. A number of interesting games were shown, most of them indies but again, these stuff were cool. Oh, and there was Hideo Kojima and Jeff Goldblum. New Jurassic Park Evolution game. But yeah, this is like the backyard gathering before the main show. It was a nice breath of fresh air. Good stuff.

So there you guys go, all the stuff I got from E3 just out there. Man, 2021 is such a terrible year. Barely much of games to talk about so far. Don’t even start with the PS5 exclusives. With the scalping and supply shortages, you’d think people would have all the PS5s to buy in the world. Smh, things ain’t simple anymore. Least there’s good games coming out this year or the next. Gotta cherish those. On this note, I’d say, pick your poison wisely. Your wallet isn’t fat enough right now.

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Written by Excalibruh

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