Elden Ring Finally Revealed

Ah yes, the game where you get to play as a hollow, masochistic warrior of light or darkness, venturing out to change history. Oh no wait, that’s Dark Souls. No, this is something a little more similar to Dark Souls but not quite. Elden Ring is this lovechild between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R Martin. With Martin writing for the game. This was a rumored project at first before slowly and surely revealing itself to be the real thing. With a teaser trailer in 2019. Right now, the game has finally been fully unveiled with a new gameplay trailer.

Retaining the macabre horror aesthetics but also being a bit more distinctive compared to Dark Souls. Mostly when it came to character designs and story elements. Nothing else to be sure about, it’s a similar feeling with Dark Soul. Nothing that also really says that George R.R Martin’s writing had any presence to it. Well, maybe more will be revealed soon.

What’s Shown So Far?

You’ll be playing as a fallen lord (or maybe champion), who is now recognized only as a Tarnished. Your main goal is to find the Elden Ring. Much narrated by this low-toned spoken girl or woman on the trailer. Which is a common staple in FromSoftware’s games.

Creepy ghoulies, unspeakable horrors, crystallized dragons that throw bolts of lightning, and other weird enemy types. You can also summon friends in co-op to help you battle out bosses. But this time, it seems to be 2 added co-op players instead of one guy. You get to ride a horse and fight others riding horses.

Big, towering, walking giants that you’ll probably have to climb over. Kind of like Shadow of Colossus. You get to use ranged weapons like bow and arrows.

The game is set in a fantasy medieval world. There were a lot of bits and pieces shown, but not really something that tells you what it’s really about.

Release Date

The game actually has a release date. 21st Jan, 2022. It’ll come for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. More details of it will be shown in later game conferences. Including E3.

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Written by Excalibruh

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