Fornite Copies “Among Us” With New Mode.

Well, not the first time Fortnite copied a game design and concept from somebody. The big reason why Fortnite got popular in the first place, was because they copied the battle royale mechanics from PUBG. Fortnite was never supposed to be a battle royale game in the first place. I mean other games developers do this, a popular trend comes along and they follow it. Nothing wrong with that.

But unfortunately for the developers behind Among Us, they’re pretty upset over what Epic Games have done next. Although it is a limited-time mode, it’s gotten people thinking that they got to being a bit sus.

Fortnite Is A Sussy Baka

The design of the mode is simple. You have to go around the map, work with the team to fix the place, and find the imposter if possible. Imposter can escape if you aren’t good enough. A third-person Among Us game. Sounds fun. Even the Call of Duty developers are working on something quite similar. Except for one key detail that has developer, Innersloth, miffed.

Fornite imposter mode

The map design is a 1 to 1 knock-off to what Among Us has. Yes, the basic map that came when it first launched. They seemed to have copied the basic and popular map entirely. Heck, the name Imposter is very referential of Among Us. Not something you easily shake off.

Among Us devs were hoping to do a collab with Epic to help out with this mode. But alas, seems they were looking at dollar signs more than helping out someone they’ve clearly taken large inspirations from.

Written by Excalibruh

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