Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Coming Later This Year With Modern Gameplay

The Definitive Edition of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is authentic, and it will be released later this year. Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas will all get “across-the-board updates. Including graphics improvements and current gameplay additions,” according to Rockstar. But “the traditional look and feel” of the original games preserved.

One part of the news that may cause controversy is that on October 11. Rockstar will begin deleting the original copies of all three games from digital stores in preparation for the Definitive Edition’s release. There’s no news on whether previous customers will be offered an update. However, according to the Rockstar support page, anybody who owns the games will still be able to play them.

Release Date Of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

There’s not much to go on right now. However, more information will be released “in the coming weeks.” I anticipate that we will not have to wait long to learn more. October marks “a very significant milestone” for Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas, according to Rockstar. That date is October 22, the 20th anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto III.

GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are excellent games. But GTA 3 was the genuine pioneer: the game that transitioned GTA from top-down mayhem to a third-person open world, laying the groundwork for a slew of sequels.

Grand Theft Auto 3’s 20th anniversary will also see the introduction of unique items in GTA Online, including commemorative clothes and liveries, which will be accessible through in-game events throughout the autumn.

The trilogy will presumably keep fans entertained as Rockstar prepares a next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5, which has postponed until 2022. People appear to be more interested in hearing about Grand Theft Auto 6 than anything else.

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