GTA V Crack Group Now Mines Your PC

Piracy never pays. Of course, you’d agree to different things living in a Third World country like ours. In that case, you’re free to do whatever you want. Just, ah, make sure you don’t download cracks from shady groups. I mean, it’s already done for GTA V years ago, why download from fishy groups?

This story is about a crackgroup named Crackonosh, who distributes free…well we know they are cracked games via Torrent sites, know for piracy. A lot of people downloading games like GTA V, NBA 2k19, Far Cry 5, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 from their links, were infected by hidden malware.

Sneaky, Sneaky GTA V?

The malware in regard was a crypto miner, surreptitiously mining using your rig without you knowing. Used to mine Monero which was deposited to the group’s wallet accounts. This virus of course was discovered by an Anti-virus named Avira. The virus operated by replacing some key files inside the Windows directory, and exploiting the Windows safe mode by weakening its defense firewall.

The hacker group hails from the Czech Republic. Stealing about 2 million US dollars from this chain heist. Thanks to other people referring their download links, 10s of thousands of unsuspecting victims around the world were infected by this. They’ve been doing this since 2018.

Other complains were their PC components wearing out easily, becoming less functional than it was, and that the electricity bill was up more than it should have. Of this, this is usual for a cryptojacking. So the next time you download from a group, try to remember that piracy doesn’t always work well. Maybe it would if, ah, say you download from other noteworthy group who’ve stayed for a long time, *wink, wink*.

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Written by Excalibruh

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