Hideo Kojima Wants To Work With Xbox Now?

Lately, there’s been some weird stuff going on. Like how is it that the man who’ve created the legendary Metal Gear series, especially for Sony for more than 2 decades, has decided to move to Microsoft? There’s no confirmation yet, but the info seems to be more solid as you go along.


Death Stranding, which happened to be the mixed received game of 2019, also happens to be some foreshadowing of the current events sold pretty much well. In fact, it got a Steam release later on. With the total player count, going over 3 million.

Kojima was planning on working with Stadia for his next project. Unfortunately, due to the unsettling environment, the latter has created, Kojima shifted to the green gang. How this affects Kojima’s relationship with Sony is something we’ll have to see. Though the man is a freelancer in the market, so he’s willing to just flex his creative muscles in a lot of different ways.

Different Things Going On Microsoft?

The next venture of Kojima is said to be in episodic format. This is new for him, but hey, all the better for the veteran industry behemoth himself to experiment even more. Though not much is known about it, just that Kojima has decided to distance himself from PlayStation for a bit.

Now, there are no legit confirmations for all of this. No corroborations from Microsoft about this either. But one being reason this could all be happening is Kojima seeing interest in Microsoft’s Project XCloud. Which is the next online streaming service, currently in beta.

On news based on legit sources,s however, Microsoft hired Kim Swift. Who wrote and created the original Portal and Left 4 Dead games for Valve. For their new cloud-based gaming releases.

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Written by Excalibruh


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