More Nintendo Switch Pro Spec Leaks

A lot of the details am about to tell you are alleged. So bear that in mind. But most of these bear fruits as they seem pretty substantial not to believe. Since We’re in the middle of E3 right now, Nintendo could reveal this system soon so here’s more stuff in leak season.

Beefy Hardware

Yeah, this system is going for hardcore specs here. The guy behind the rumor mills is kopite7kimi from Twitter. He has made credible leaks in the past, so he doesn’t seem far off with this one.

Nintendo might go past quadruple performance increase. Starting off with ARMs Hercules CPU which contains 12x ARM Cortex-A78AE cores. With LPDDR5 memory support. It was projected that a single Hercules CPU beat Intel’s 7300U at less than 5W.

This system is going for full 15W operation. With upgraded memory bandwidth of up to 200 GB/s, running at 256-bit bus width. It will be running an Ampere based GPU silicon with 2048 shader cores with a cache memory module. To put it like this, it could be almost as fast as an RTX 2060. Prior leaks stated that the GPU will have DLSS. Meaning Tensor cores. The custom SoC together will be fitted in either 7nm TSMC or 8nm Samsung.

Now, we did an earlier story about the Switch Pro here. In this follow-up, it’s all about deep diving into the hardware itself. This could also have more VRAM than the standard Switch. Which already has 4GB of it.

E3 Event Soon

While Nintendo skips presenting E3 by personal. With just their Direct video, they plan on to make crazy announcements. Coming their panel in June 15th, which is tomorrow.

Keep your eyes peeled. Nintendo did confirm there is a better version of the Switch coming soon. Who knows, this could be a next-gen release even or just the whole 3DS XL thing going on except much beefier hardware.

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Written by Excalibruh

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