New Amazon Game: New World Is Killing Graphics Cards

Amazon games shouldn’t be touched. No, just don’t. Either they release a title that is so bad, you’d swear you hurl a furball from playing, or they decide to release a game that’ll kill your computer. Aptly, your graphics card. Their game, New World, which is in beta right now, is having server issues thanks to a large number of players signing in.

Spare Yourself And Your Graphics Card

New World is a fantasy based game, set on a fictional place called Aeternum Island. It is an MMO RPG that’s been in develop from Amazon since 2016. Amazon already cancelled two games; Breakway, and Crucible. Is this one next?

New World, Amazon game new title

This whole thing started when players logged into the game, trying to get in. Of course, the number of players were unprecedented, so the servers clogged. Most players waited till they got in. Their patience wearing thin, till they finally got in. Only to see their graphics cards(GPU) to die out. This started with the RTX 3090, now it has gone on to mass scale.

Few other GPUs were also affected, according to JayzTwoCents. Some of them being the RX 590, RX 6800, RTX 3080 Ti, and so on. This seems to be an overhead issue, as most GPU drivers restrict games from having complete full access to the GPUs. Yet it seems Amazon’s new game has somehow bypassed that.

If you want to make the sane decision of not ruining your PC, don’t touch this game. Even if after the fact, Amazon responded by stating that it’s only affecting a few people, and that a patch should fix it. Few people are still a lot, Amazon, I have never heard of this happening elsewhere till now.

Written by Excalibruh

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