New PlayStation 5 Model Is Lighter, For Bad Reasons Only

Getting a PlayStation 5 is really tough, like the price is sky-high. There’s not enough supplies out there, also not much of exclusives to consider the ridiculous asking price even. So it goes without even saying, most people prefer to just use their PS4s for the time, till all of it is sorted out. Well, we got ourselves a double negative of a situation here.

Because it seems Sony has cut corners when it comes to the production of each model. The new one will have an improved stand. That doesn’t need screws, good, ok. But it is also lighter than the base model. Why is that? Well, strap up, you might want to ready yourself for the tear-jerker moment of truth.

PS5 Lite Edition, Less Cooling

Playstation 5 disassembled

The new PS5 model comes around 300g lighter. The overall system, digital edition weighs at 4kgs, or well, it used to. Now it’s 3.6kgs. Why is that? Well, the main cooling components, like the heatsink was shrunk down. This cools the main SoC that runs the system. So your system might struggle at highly taxing games that needs to use everything of your system.

Austin Evans did a video of this, revealing that outside, the ambient temperature of the new PS5 was around 4-5 degrees celsius higher than the older model. Upon disassembly, noticeable, the new PS5 model was lacking copper heat pipes. It did have copper, but to a less extent than the original does.

There are other changes, like the Wi-Fi adapter being a different model. But hopefully that doesn’t mean that features have been taken away. It’s also one of the reasons why the PS5 is a little lighter. But the main gist of it is, that half the heatsink is missing, and that it is running hotter than the older model. Cost saving new models aren’t anything new, but for a high tier product such as this, even without a disc drive, being sold at 400 USD, it’s disconcerting. Of course, looking at it closer, both heatsinks look very different from one another based on the design and how the copper pipes are set up.

None of this sounds like good news, it’s obvious, at this point, Sony is saving up cash while making debilitating changes to their hardware. Do note though, this model isn’t fully released around the world yet. Only reached Japan and Australia. Hopefully Sony rectifies this real soon before a major distribution.

Written by Excalibruh

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