New Spider-Man Game Got Leaks, Miles Morales Is Returning

Insomniac is an unstoppable force in the gaming industry. Instead of just making games where they’re ready to release it with 2-3 years gap. They’ve had annual release of games since 2018, after the spectacular Spider-Man game that came out that year.

In 2019, they’ve published Stormland VR, next year they released the stand-alone expansion, Miles Morales which is a continuing story of the 2018 Spider-Man game. This year, they’ve released Ratchet n Clank: A Crack in Time. So it’s not much of a guess to believe that the sequel to Spider-Man is coming out next year.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales and Peter Parker

The leading voice-actor for Miles Morales, shared an image of him doing mocap work on Instagram. Of course, people took this to be absolutely a hint that the sequel to Spider-Man is coming out real soon. The image was later deleted. Some other speculation state this could be work for the Last of Us remake.

But it’s pretty obvious of how easily the image got deleted, that it’s a good indication of the sequel will be coming soon. Wishful thinking? I hope not. Actor Nadji Jeter has had a lot of roles around his 15-year career. The 24-year-old is making big in Hollywood, and is now the default voice actor for Miles Morales across all medium, including an animated series, and some other Marvel properties that features his character.

Now, there’s no definitive evidence or anything substantial to tell us that the game is actually releasing next year. Even if they did yearly releases, and the fact that their studio has gotten bigger since the Sony acquisition, Insomniac likes to take their time with games like this. We would hope to think the game is a lot closer to release. But being patient also helps in the developer’s favor. Do keep your eyes peeled for anything else, as we will.

Written by Excalibruh

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