Nintendo Switch Pro Is Coming Soon

There has been a lot of speculation around this, because everybody would like to think that Nintendo is releasing a half-gen upgrade for the Switch. Now that seems to be more of a reality soon when Nintendo has made it official that they’ll announce an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch. The announcement will take place in E3 somewhere in June.

Could be that Nintendo is putting the current switch model on retirement. While the new one becomes the front-runner of the current generation of consoles. Though that’ll be a bit too soon as they just released an updated version of the Switch just last year along with the Switch lite. Not like the 3DS and 2DS XL release now, is it?

What Power Does It Behold?

The Switch Pro as everybody is calling it will sport a 7-inch display instead of the standard 6.2-inch one. Meaning they’ll remove the large screen bezzles. Though it’s unclear whether it’ll keep the 720p resolution or it’ll bump it up to 1080p. Based on some credible leaks, there’s more to the upgrade than just the display.

The Switch chipset could have a better GPU, who’s to say maybe a better CPU even. But according to the leaks, the GPU will have DLSS. Basically implying that this is made purely for 4K gaming. It could be an RTX variant of Nvidia’s custom Tegra chipsets.

As for other things, who knows. Maybe upgrade battery life. They’ll allow full Bluetooth support. With 4K support, it should be running with a dock that has HDMI 2.0 support. But even with these details, one can’t be sure that this will be an upgrade Switch and that a completely different Switch console made for next-generation. Maybe it’ll be a next-gen system entirely. As for the pricing, well expect this to be probably more costly than the original Switch model. And it’ll probably be awhile before the current model retires. With the PS4 and Xbox One still active systems with increasing games library.

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Written by Excalibruh

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