Phil Spencer Says Xbox Series Controller Gets New Version Soon

Microsoft had a successful release this gen, just 4 months shy from its 1-year anniversary. Despite how well Xbox thinks they are doing, they can, PlayStation is still leaps and bounds ahead when it comes to market share. Understandably more so of Phil Spencer. The head of Xbox division.

Microsoft Making Amendments

After seeing how successful and leap bounds ahead the tech of the Dualsense 5 controller is, Microsoft has decided to do a bit of a revision of their famous controller. The DS5 had great haptic feedback, which was an improvement of the Switch haptics made by the same company. The other thing is adaptive triggers, which works to provide multiple inputs as well as some form of immersion.

The current Xbox Series Controller is a well sought out controller. Thanks to the new changes on the D-pad, which allows for better playability of arcade, side-scrolling, and 2D fighting games. But when it comes to features for gameplay’s sake, it is quite lacking in comparison to DS5.

Xbox series controllers

Now Microsoft wants to make amends, by clearing up their mistakes with the Xbox Series Controllers. By adding things like haptic feedback and maybe making changing their triggers to match up on the DS5, or something better.

Phil Spencer discusses, in a Kinda Funny Gamecast podcast episode, that he acknowledges how well the DS5 is doing. That he wants to make some neat revisions around the Xbox Series controllers. This also after Microsoft sent out a survey, asking people if they want to see Dualsense features on their newly released controllers.

Once this change comes around, it should be clear that many games developers, especially third-party ones will implement those features in their games from that point on. Microsoft, joining with Sony on this new evolution, will greatly affect the industry as a whole.

Written by Excalibruh

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