PlayStation 5 Sold 10 Million In Less Than A Year

The whole world is still dealing with the problems that comes with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Most of the production houses, factories, and facilities have been either shutdown or functioning at less capacity than it was at pre-pandemic. Sony, on the other hand, they’re still going. The PlayStation 5 has reached a new milestone for Sony’s gaming series.

PlayStation On The Go

It hasn’t been a full year after the PS5’s release, and yet it has reached 10 million units sold. Despite the stock problems, the console has been having, it has sold past Sony’s forecast of sales, this July.

playstation 5, selling faster than the Xbox series consoles

It’s pretty obvious by now that people, being stuck at home, they’d want to try out the new system. With all the time they have in their hands. They’d want to check out the new thing that plays games in 4K. Not talking about the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Stock issues are still ongoing. But there are sites, Twitter feeds, and so on, providing live tracking for where the PlayStation 5 gets restocked. Sony did state awhile ago that they’re fast track on increasing PlayStation 5 production. More of the products to be shipped.

As for their main competitor, Xbox Series consoles have probably already sold past 7 million units. Which is really cutting it close. Microsoft states that this is their best-selling system yet. I guess everybody wins here.

Written by Excalibruh

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