PlayStation 5 Prices Are Dropping

For the past year, since the release of the PlayStation 5, scalpers, and retail markets have been selling the system at an exuberant high price. This is due to the supply problems that has been affecting the computer, smartphone, and anything that uses silicon chipsets. But all that is about to change from this point, things are thankfully recovering in the market for numerous reasons.

According to StockX, the price of the PS5 through resellers have gone down significantly by 30%. Whereas the PS5 disc version was selling for around 1,000 USD, the price it seems by this month (of September) has come down to over 700 USD. Which is still 40% more than the MSRP by Sony.

Seeing that the profits from the prices aren’t worth it anymore, scalpers are now less interested in getting the system, and so will not be doing wholesale purchases of the system anytime soon. This leaves more of the units within store shelves.

Things Are Getting Back To Normal

Since the pandemic has been slowly fading away and things in society are returning to normal. New forecast states that the manufacturing problems might also go away. As more silicon chips are being provided, this gives Sony more leeway to make more stocks for the PlayStation 5. The price might even get close to MSRP. Heck, if things work well, it might start selling for less than that during the holidays this fall.

There are even reports that while the new model might have shortened heatsink, numerous extended testings have shown, however, that the new model is actually much cooler during load.

Written by Excalibruh

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