Battlefield 6 Is Called “Battlefield 2042”. With Reveal Trailer.

This is a follow-up story to our previous piece about the new Battlefield game. New information has come out and that the subtitle for the game title has been leaked. Somewhat, we’re still going to assume these are all part of the rumor mill.

The name seems to be play for DICE, since they’ve released games like Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142. This is somewhere smacked between them. Which also cements further that this will be future warfare based shooter.

More To Come

This news comes to you from a Redditor, who gathered everything from a dataminer in a Discord server. The first start off with is the map size, it’ll be pretty big. In fact, huge. Each part of it called sectors will be as big as Battlefield 3. Once each is captured, you move to the next one while the prior sector becomes inaccessible.

Besides picking class, they’ll pick one professional type that’ll hand them a few extra gadgets. A revamped attachment system that not only allows you to put two of them but allows you to change them on the fly. Pretty cool and interesting.

If you want more juicy details. The Battlefield livestream is will be revealing so much pretty soon. Keep up with the reveal here.

Update: New reveal trailer is out. It’s a CGI trailer, but it proves that all the rumors have been true, including the name.

Written by Excalibruh

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