Saints Row Game Is Getting Rebooted

Developer Volitions Inc, whom have made games like Red Faction, Descent, Agents of Mayhem and The Saints Row, has decided to return to their roots. By rebooting one of their oldest games series. The Saints Row series.

Saints Row is a sandbox game series that involves street gangers pushing for power. The first game had a bit of a serious tone and was more grounded. But the sequels amped up the comedic aspects and have gone balls to the wall when it came to how irreverent it was. The last game was Saints Row IV. That game is where an alien invasion happened and your character was basically superman with all sorts of crazy powers.

More Wacky Stuff In Saints Row

saints row reboot

Volition has been teasing a lot of people that they’ll do a reveal in the upcoming Gamescom event. An image showing a graffiti wall with the writing “rebooting” on it. On their SR website. This is an understandable take that they are rebooting the Saints Row franchise. But not much else has been revealed.

There’s not much else to give an idea of what kind of new game this will be. How it’ll distinguish itself from the rest of the series. My take is that this will a much modern take on it. Hopefully, with the flashy goofiness that made the early game’s levity. The series is under the publishing of Deep Silver, whereas the prior games were published by THQ. Deep Silver was acquired earlier by THQ Nordic. Kind of putting things back in full circle now.

Update: So the trailer finally came out. You know what, I’ll take my eyes out with bleach at this moment. This looks terrible. Why god, why?!

Written by Excalibruh

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