Selmon Bhoi: Hit And Run

Selmon Bhoi is a name you may be familiar with. Yes, it’s a widespread slang term for Salman Khan memes popularized by troll pages and social media users. However, in a strange turn of events, it turns out that this name already exists in the form of an online mobile game. “Join Selmon Bhoi and his driver on the quest to Kill,” according to the game’s description. It is still accessible on the Play Store. The game Selmon Bhoi is available on Google Play Store and is marketed by Parody Studios, a Pune-based company, with a 4.7 rating.

Trolling has infiltrated the gaming world. A game evidently inspired by the allegations leveled against actor Salman Khan has exploded in popularity among young people. It employs the standard disclaimers while snapping a snook at the actor. Don’t get us wrong: Salman Bhai’s spoof is hilarious. Selmon Bhoi, the game’s hero, does nothing wrong in this. He is, in fact, fighting aliens.

Is Selmon Bhoi Defaming of Salman Khan?

The game begins with a disclaimer that says, “The game presentation is purely in a fictitious environment.” At the start of this game, the player ‘Selmon Bhoi’ can be seen drinking ‘Aish’ and then driving in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, there are three levels in the game:

Green Level: In this level, Salman Khan must drive his automobile through a foreign planet, running over wildlife and aliens in a park in Selmon Bhoi.

Ice Level: This is an ice adventure, and the globe in the game appears to be Antarctica. Aliens, polar bears, and penguins wander the level, and the player must destroy the polar bears and aliens. Selmon Bhoi, thank you for saving the penguins.

Desert Level: In the Desert Level, the player Bhoi drives his automobile across a desert filled with scorpions, camels, and cactus. Moreover, on this level, the player must run over all of the visible animals in the arid terrain.

Salman Khan’s unwanted game Selmon Bhoi is a popular game among young people. According to the Play Store, it has already been downloaded over 10,000 times.

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