Soulja Boy Hasn’t Delivered People His New Handheld Yet

Soulja Boy and his Soulja Game systems are a menace to society. They are not good gaming systems, and they solely exist for him to rip you off. I mean, seriously, 300 USD for a stupid looking, plasticky handheld? What’s the TRDR? Go buy a PS Vita. Amazing games there instead of this hunk of junk. Of course, people did order the TRDR, and now they want their money back.

And to top it off, the handheld is a rebranded Powkiddy A19. Which you can literally purchase at AliExpress for around a measly price of 110 to 89 USD. That’s 1/3 of the price Soulja Boy is offering for his rebranded system with a different name. Funny enough, the system is no longer within Powkiddy’s site, meaning this was a partnership deal to sell it from him instead.

Stop Buying Soulja Boy Game Systems

Soulja Boy’s new system had a good no of preorders, of which very few of them were delivered. Many people are complaining that this has become a scam and that they want their money back. Unfortunately, I don’t think that would teach them a lesson about supporting people like him and not looking twice into a product before paying for preorder.

A girl from the UK received the system, which Soulja Boy states that he did not send her the item. Despite screenshots of hers, showing that he wanted to give her the system for promotion. Didn’t work, she reviewed it and thought it was absolute trash.

The Powkiddy A19 (or TRDR) is a handheld that is made primary to be an emulator system for N64 and early PS1 games. It can be modded, has Wi-FI, Bluetooth 4.0 and runs an A7 Cortex CPU. Which has a decent enough GPU to run old games. But that’s it, you’re buying a stupid emulator for 300 USD. When you can just buy a PS4 with that money. Why buy a product that Soulja Boy will get sued for later on?

Soulja Boy handheld, TRDR

Also, what else is new? Oh right, he’s mad at Kanye West for not including his feature on the new Donda album. Maybe this was why, and that he recognized Soulja to be some kind of clown of sorts.

Written by Excalibruh

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