Soulja Boy Is Telling People He Owns Atari

Just what is it with this guy and his compulsive lying habits? Wasn’t it bad enough that companies like Nintendo and Sony have sent cease and desist orders to him? A washed-up, has been rapper, Soulja Boy that is, couldn’t find other ways to make his fame without coming to lying about what he sells, or what he owns. Namely now, the 50-year-old gaming company, Atari.

Soulja Boy Up In This Conspiracy

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy, if you don’t know how that is, was a mid 2000s sensation, thanks to his weird video, Crank That in 2007. Since then, he has gone to relative obscurity. As he should, because he was a one-hit wonder. I am kidding, his other songs like Yahhh!, and Kiss Me Thru The Phone were also big charters. He even worked on a Rick & Morty song. That’s kind of it.

Of course, that didn’t stop him from getting attention for the wrong reasons, for time to come. In 2018, he made the announcement of selling gaming consoles under the Soulja brand. Well, to put it lightly. He sold Chinese knock-off systems and handhelds that look like either the PS4, XB1 or Wii U handheld controller. And selling them at hiked up prices, more than where you find the ones without his name plastered over them.

Right now, he’s making quite a proclamation, that he has official ownership of Atari. Then continuous the statement by saying that he is going to sell the company for 140 million USD. Now, ah, these are quite bold statements to make. The truth around this is pretty obvious. He doesn’t, he can’t, as he doesn’t actually own Atari. Atari themselves have debunked the statement.

Speaking of Atari, when is the VCS coming out? Like, only selected few got the system they paid for from the kickstarter program. I mean, him making this ridiculous claim only adds more to the levity of the fact that Atari, also kind of swindles their customers these days. Also, they’re running an Atari based Hotel. Crazy times we live in.

Written by Excalibruh

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