Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Trailer Is Out

Another big reveal that was shown, besides a new Wolverine game from PlayStation Studios, was the remake of the popular RPG, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. The game that was originally made by BioWare studios, back in 2003 is now getting a full-on remake. By Aspyr. The studio that mostly spent on porting games, are now working on rebuilding a classical game.

An Old Star Wars Tale Returns

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic takes place somewhere almost 4000 before the events of the mainline Star Wars film series. This was the first BioWare game that was made without a major publisher like EA, as the game was published by LucasArts at the time. Since then, they’ve held the license. Now, well, it’s with Disney. Which is weird as to why they’re making it a PS5 and PC exclusive.

KOTOR is known as one of the best released RPGs of the Star Wars franchise. It was very well received for its unique storytelling, multiple choice endings, inventive gameplay systems, and being overall the best Star Wars game out there.

Aspyr is now owned by Embrace Group, which owns both Gearbox Software and THQ Nordic. They have a long history of porting games to Mac and reviving classic old games like Star Wars: Republic Commando. There hasn’t been a release window given out, but it seems the game will be revealed when it is ready. As only so far, we got a CGI teaser trailer. Some talks also mention that the game will also be released for the Xbox series consoles after the launch exclusive period runs over.

Written by Excalibruh

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