TripWire Interactive President Steps Down Over Controversy

The creators of Killing Floor games, and the newly released Maneater, which is where you play as a Shark, just got into controversy. TripWire president, John Gibson. Posted a controversial Tweet, praising the supreme court, refusing to take action against the abortion law in Texas. This move created a domino effect that rippled across the industry and, thus costing him his role in the company.

Choose Your Words Really Carefully

Video games entering politics isn’t anything new, but most people tend to stay away because it really does subtract the fun from it. Indie games can make good exceptions, knowing that they, in the interest of art, have to dabble into politics whatsoever. However, when a president of a game studio decides that a woman after 6 weeks, shouldn’t be able to abort and calls himself pro-life, well they got some issues there.

After John Gibson’s statement, two other game developers; Shipwright Studios and Torn Banner Studios, have cut ties with them. The latter is known for developing the Chivalry games series. Considering how big their involvements were, prior to this, it seems TripWire lost really big partners for their upcoming projects.

Shipwright, announcing their ties cut with TripWire

Though, all could have been fixed now. As rest of the head of staff and investors decidedly make the decision of making John leave the company and have him be replaced by Alan Wilson from this point forward. Hoping to rectify and recover from any of the damage that the previous president of the company has done.

TripWire is first known for making a popular Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, Red Orchestra: Combined Arms. From that point on, they became a studio that made their own games out of their own IPs. Including the Killer Floor games, of which the sequel has made them much notably popular. They are also acting publisher for games like Chivalry 2. Whether that is retained or not after the change in leadership is yet to be known.

Written by Excalibruh

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