Ukraine PS4 Mining Facility Was For FIFA Ultimate Team

A few days ago, a warehouse full of PS4 Pros in Ukraine were found, the place was detained by the authorities. This warehouse had 3800 PS4s used for mining cryptocurrency. Now, how they did it? Well they’ve must have installed a different operating system, say Linux and then installed the mining software. Simple, pretty much.

FIFA Ultimate cover art

Seems, however, a lot of us were hoodwinked. This wasn’t a crypto mining farm. This was a bot farm for FIFA Ultimate Team, a mode for the latest iteration of the game. The game is considered to be a plague among the lootbox market. To get the most high ranking FIFA players, you need to continuously grind again and again on cards. Save up currency, spend real life money, till you get these cards.

The FIFA Gold Rush

The entire purpose of this farm was to get enough FUT(FIFA Ultimate Tokens) coins to buy player cards. Then, sell the coins and accounts accumulated with the ranking player cards. This operation cost 250,000 USD per month, just on electricity.

EA wasn’t a fan of this and had attempts of shutting down third-party FUT coin sellers and auction sites. But, then again, they did reap benefits from the third-party operations. This annual release itself had EA earn over 1.6 billion USD from microtransactions alone.

Gambling in video games suck, then again, if people find interesting and unique ways to make money, would you stop them? Nobody is perfect, but maybe nobody pulled something like this often off either. They probably earn a boatload of cash. I don’t play FIFA, though ah, after reading this, I might.

Written by Excalibruh

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