George Floyd Was Murdered A Year Ago, We Still Rue To This Day

On May 25th, 2020. Just last year, George Floyd was subject to police brutality and killing without appropriate cause. He died from asphyxiation as an officer who tried to hold him, set his knee down on his neck to detain him in effect. With 3 other officers in the scene doing next to nothing to circumvent the issue. Such extreme measures cost the life of a father of 5 children, a once aspiring rapper, and someone who is just trying to get by while raising his kids.

George Floyd death led to an awakening, a movement called Black Lives Matter which has been going for the past 4-5 years took the matter and raised their voice further to address prejudice against black people and the increase in police brutality as of late. Of which, as recent statistics shows, hasn’t changed much even with the Democratic Party winning this term.

Nationwide protests and outcry around the world took center stage, as the streets were in utter chaos all across the US. Outraged by the unlawful death of a black citizen. Needless to say, the state police and the government didn’t tackle the issue very well at first at the time. Throwing kerosene oil into the fire pit to let the flames spread amok.

Though the movement has lost its fervor now, many still remember what led them to remember this event. Though with the current political climate now, there seems to be changes in the air.


As of now, the family who suffered the ordeal while losing their father, settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the City of Minneapolis at $27m US. The police officer who committed the murder is convicted on two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter. The trial for the other officers will begin shortly in August this year.

Ex-president Barack Obama commiserated George Floyd’s anniversary by Tweeting about finding the strength and resolve to fight against such injustice. Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with Floyd’s family while also setting up a new proposal to tackle with the current onset of police behavior problems.

Covid-19 is still a struggle to deal with it in our current lives, adding police brutality to it just doesn’t help with sleep. Hopefully we learned many things from such event that has transpired and that from this point on, lead with better examples of enforcement. All eyes are on the US from across the world, including my country.

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Written by Excalibruh

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