Germany Supports Israel Despite Causing The Holocaust

So in a pretty ironic sense of the word, Germany fully supports Israel for the actions taken against Palestine. In fact, Germany is playing the devil’s advocate version of a good association that they are lampooning anybody who speak in opposition to Israel. Condemning them for voicing their distaste.

In the past few days, Israel armed forces have been brutally murdering unarmed Palestine civilians with little to no justifiable causes. At least over 200 Palestinians have died based on reports so far, 59 of them being children. The Gaza conflict has received mountain heights of tensions across.

What’s happening in Germany?

With everybody condemning their actions, only one country has decided to be the complete opposite of it and that was Germany. Yeah, that country that tried to invade Europe. Committed the Holocaust, killing millions of Jews, birth-ground of racist ideologies during WW2. That Germany right now is kissing the Zionist hineys.

Germany has proclaimed solidarity with Israel. Calling for any attacks on Israel as antisemitism. This is of course coming from mostly the Government parties, as the citizens are kind of caught up in a rather bizarre situation. Most Muslim-Germans of course have called out the government bodies for such lack of empathy towards the Palestine people.

Misconstruing the situation is one thing, siding with the bad people is another. Is Germany really willing to put their reputation and goodwill at stake for this?

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Written by Excalibruh

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