Madrasa Teacher Arrested For Cutting Hair Of 6 Students

Six kids’ hairs were reportedly chopped off by a teacher at a Raipur madrasa in Lakshmpur. Manzurul Kabir was the name of the teacher. The event occurred on Wednesday, October 6, at Hamchhadi Kazirdighirpar Alim Madrasa, causing indignation among students and parents.

After being forced to stand in a madrasa queue against their will, video footage of the event went viral on social media, showing the instructor cutting the kids’ hairs off one by one.

Several pupils from the madrasa, including Nazmul Alam and Fazle Rabbi, stated they were in class on Wednesday. At one point, instructor Manzurul Kabir ordered six people to rise up and directed them to the room’s verandah. Then he got thrill and grabbed a pair of scissors, took off the caps one by one, and chopped off the front section of six kids’ hairs at random. They afterward walked out of the class embarrassed.

Why Did This Madrasa Teacher Do This

“I have instructed all the kids of Dakhil class to attend madrasa after chopping off their hair the day before the examination,” Manzurul Kabir stated when asked about the incident. Because some pupils disobeyed me, I had to chop their hair. I did it to keep them clean and to instill in them a sense of morality.

Tofazzal Hossain, Chairman of Bamni Union Parishad (UP) and President of Union Awami League, claimed Manzurul Kabir is the Amir of Union Jamaat. However, he constantly has political clout among the students.

“I’ve heard about the haircut,” Maulana Balakat Ullah, the madrasa’s supervisor, remarked. However, no youngster made a written complaint about the event. In this regard, necessary actions will definitely do.”

If specific complaints are receive, Raipur Upazila Secondary Education Officer AKM Saiful Haque stated legal action will pursue. “I am not aware of the incident,” states Lakshmipur Deputy Commissioner (DC) Anwar Hossain Akand. After the problem is confirm, the necessary actions will take place.”

On September 26, an uproar erupted across the country when a video went viral showing 14 students at Sirajganj Rabindra University their hair chopped off. Following the inquiry committee’s findings, university professor Farhana Yasmin Baten got suspend.

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