The Key To Happiness

Life is unpredictable. Life makes you feel happiness, sadness, stressed, depressed and there are many situation that you need to overcome in life. Imagine one day you wake up and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s that easy, all you have to do is keep testing your limits. There’s no boundary to stop you from imagining how dramatic your life can get, but the gift is you. You matter to this moment, to this very second, very minute and every hour.

Happiness is unlimited but the moments that let you down aren’t much like happiness, there’s a saying that “Sadness is temporary”, I’d definitely agree to that cause I’ve learnt my lesson throughout these years and trust me each of you will endure the unlimited happiness ahead of you. The moments that let you down aren’t truly much.

The Key To Happiness

Start everyday with good intention, you don’t have to do yoga or other procedure to endure happiness. Your happiness is in the palm of your hand, trust me. All you have to do is wake up think how you want life to be, plan it out, work on it and eventually it will lead to betterment.

The main key to happiness is to harvest the talent within yourself, you really don’t know about the gift you possess. Every unique individual has been gifted with different talents. Life will put you through the worst situations to help you find yourself and help you discover what you need to learn, the bad situations are limited as I’ve stated before.

The situation in this reality are based with one intention, which is to shape you for the gift you possess. I do understand it is hard for you, at times it is hard for me too but yet never give up yourself and manifest the reality as if it is nothing but temporary. Most talented and unique individuals in this planet are either from family which they didn’t deserve and some of them are dropouts but nothing put them down, they still made it.

For instance, think about the situation Colonel Sanders went through. Colonel Sanders was an American businessmen who went through ups and downs in life, even at situation being in great depression he even tried to give up on his life for being a failure most of his life. Colonel Sanders spent most of his lifetime being pushed beneath the earth yet life pushed him somewhere.

Eventually Colonel Sanders achieved his dreams, even after his death the brand he created is world wide famous now and the brand is known as the ‘KFC’. Just imagine yourself in that place and whatever Colonel Sander possess right now is imaginable. His life has proven to be worth of fortune and you can be that too.

The Dilemma

The problem with money – poverty is a common reason for causing many mental disorders, as the monetary factor is quite regular. The quote Bill Gates once said, “If you’re born poor it isn’t your fault but if you die poor then that is your fault”. Imagine yourself in a position, where you want to give up on your life but stop for a moment rather think how can you make it better by manifesting the gift you possess.

Eventually, you were sent here for a reason and to find the purpose you serve you need to live your entire lifetime to find the purpose. At times people discover the purpose they served eventually changed many things after their death. Be good, be kind, be generous enough and above all never mistreat animals.

The problem with family – Family problems are quite common, eventually there are unlimited problems but all you have to do it is ignore them and be yourself. Never let the problems distract you from achieving your dreams. The family problems cause alot of mental problems if being affected at the early age of life, I understand how hard it is for you to get over the traumas but there’s so escape rather being strong is the only choice when you grow up.

There’s a lot of problems we’re unable to discover, but rather being an architect of your problem choose to be the saviour of your ownself. Your life matters, every individual matters but all you have to do is; just keep testing your limits, that’s the only way to know how strong your are.

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