China Is Now Cracking Down On K-Pop

China government crackdown is on mass scale eradication, for preservation of culture and appropriating to their fancy. Of course, this is China. They’re running a social credit system, they don’t want children playing video games and people mining cryptocurrencies. Things haven’t really been the same in the country after these crackdowns have been active since June. The latest one now, they’re cracking down on K-Pop and anything to do with “effeminate men”.

China No Like Lady Men

The communist republic has taken bold stances against both Japan’s and Korea’s cultures of making men…..well, effeminate. Promoting pretty boy attributes, personalities, as well as makeovers, were not allowed in China. A popular fan club account for BTS was banned from posting in Weibo for 60 days. Stating that raising funds for the band in China’s ground was illegal. The club had over 1 million members.

There have been guidelines posted by the government that restricts “vulgar-internet celebrities” and “feminine-looking men”. As they go against the cultural values and traditions the country wants to maintain. Honestly, I wouldn’t know how China dudes can look good again any other way.

BTS, fans adore them from China

Now, this has ruffled big feathers for the K-Pop stans in the country Chance of them throwing protests and strikes are pretty high. Knowing how K-Pop stans work, it’s going to be pretty brutal. They will start mobilizing pretty soon.

Written by Excalibruh

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