Drake Takes No. 1 In Spotify For Most Streams

The big time artist, Drizzy himself has taken the top spot for being the one artist that has 150 songs streamed around 100 million times each. Well, there’s official citation from Spotify yet, but do you know any artist out there that has reached this milestone yet? Drake might as well take the bragging stage, declaring it.

Man Shooting For The Moon And Back

The top 10 charters on his Spotify page are now “One Dance”, at 2.1 billion streams. “God’s Plan” right around 1.7 billion. With “Passionfruit” reaching for 1 billion. So far, he’s had 170 million records sold, that’s multiple platinum and diamonds per album.

Drake, with a strange haircut

His next album is due later this year, called Certified Lover Boy. A lot of promotions coming from an artist he’s close to and pretty frequently featured, DJ Khaled, and Lakers star LeBron James. Both are touting that the album is coming up real soon and claiming this one to be a real banger.

Earlier this year, Drake suffered from COVID-19. He also suffered a massive hairloss due to that. The hairloss had a depressing effect on Drake, put him feeling the blues. Which I guess kind of explains the oddly shaped heart line above his forehead.

Written by Excalibruh

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