Martin Shkreli’s Wu Tang Album Sold By The State

Ah yes, Martin Shkreli, AKA ‘Pharma Bro’. The insipid, wretched human being that hiked up the price of all insulin drugs in the US. Yes, the last time people saw him, he got arrested for getting caught for fraud. By lying to his shareholders about company loses and selling off the company assets to pay debts. The company he used to run.

Thankfully, the insulin prices have gone down, and are plenty affordable to anybody. Since his arrest in 2015, the world became a better place. Especially relieved from his claws is the super rare Wu-Tang album that he bought for $2 million.

Wu-Tang Clan Isn’t For The Wrong People

The antique album is a singe copy release from the famous hip hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. Named Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. It was given to an auction house before Skhreli won the bid. After he was arrested, the US government seized the album to pay off his debts.

Wu Tang Clan album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

Now the government pretty much sold off the album to an unknown buyer. Bought it more than Martin got it for in the first place by $7.4 million. But we can all rest knowing that instead of Shkreli having it, it went to a much more respectful buyer.

While, nobody besides the new owner and his esteem guests can know the contents of the album, we can still listen to it from online. Thanks to some people putting the pieces of the audio from Martin Shkreli’s livestream with the album on play. Some would say this is the best release that the clan has ever brought out to date.

Their reasons for doing so was to instill the intrinsic value that music has, which is diminishing thanks to current digital music landscape and increase of piracy. They made this album as a pure art form. Only for those who’d really know how to appreciate it.

Written by Excalibruh

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