Skibkhan Is Back With “New Age 3”

We’ve all heard about Shakib Khan, the Bangladeshi film industry’s game-changer. Meanwhile, Skib Khan of Deshi MC is doing his finest to revolutionize Bangladesh’s whole music industry with New Age 3.

Back then Hip-musical Hop’s style, lyrics, and lifestyle were not acceptable with Bangladeshi culture. Deshi MC is one of the bands that brought Rap/Hip-hop music to Bangladesh, where it gained a significant huge following in a very short time.

Skib Khan, the band’s founder, plays an important role in the band. His vocabulary is vast, which aids him in writing bold lyrics that raise listener awareness. He rhymes anything from gangster rap to protests, political consequences, drug addiction, love, and club music. You name it and he rhymes it.

Skib Khan has been releasing Deshi MCs Banned and Banned version 2 since 2005. He has also released several songs in collaboration with renowned producers such as Fuad Almuqtadir, Dj Aks, Rajib Rahman, Parvez, and Upol. Arafa-T Kabir – Shironamhin was the rockstar’s most recent collaboration. In the year 2021, he released NAACHO with his band Deshi MCS. “Bangla Tape,” SkibKhan’s debut record, is still in the making. Skib Khan is also known for collaborating with most Bangladeshi rappers and hip-hop musicians.

Banned, Banned version 2, and Kata Taarer Bera by Skib Khan have all reached the top of the charts. Hip-hop isn’t the only genre in which the frontman excels. Despite so many collaborations, he was able to kick off the Nu-Metal subgenre with the song “Laal Tape” with Shrapnel Method.

SkibKhan of Deshi MCs is famed for his refined and somewhat formal interpretation of Bengali language rapping style, which the artist feels would help bring Bangla rap to a broader audience.

Skib Khan’s Recognition

“The language of the Bangla tracks typically had the Old Town dialect and had the distinguishable feature of using a lot of explicit words”

Daily Star mentioned

Skibkhan launched his most awaited single NEW AGE 3 a week ago, which is the third part of his first hit from DESHI MC’s debut “Banned,” Bangladesh’s first-ever gangsta rap album, which was published in 2006. Skibkhan has mentioned that he covered everything we’ve been seeing on the internet. As well as national issues like people disappearing as soon as they speak up.

The frontmen of the Deshi MC have humorously portrayed the complete scenario of Bangladesh in 2021. Rizwan Tanzim formerly the RizwanOnTheBeat, a Bangladeshi hip hop producer, created the track. The music’s tones are influenced by the Star Wars film.

Fan’s Outburst

Fans have had different opinions on the new Skib khan. Many people have praised Skibkhan for adjusting and experimenting with new sounds, while others have expressed disappointment, claiming that the old DMC vibes are disappearing from his newer musical works.

Upcoming Work

His debut studio album, “BANGLA TAPE,” is expected to be released this year. Skibkhan is presently working on his album with several producers and collaborating with local rappers, anticipating the release of his next song “RONG” in the near future.

Listen to NEW AGE 3 – Spotify

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