A 14 Year Old Youth Seeks For Sanju’s Magic Pencil To Pass His Exam

If you’re here, you’ve undoubtedly watched the film “Sanju.” But, what magical pencil is this 14-year-old referring to? Sanju was not a good student, as far as we knew, and we never saw him studying at his table. Is there another Sanju movie you might ask but no this 14 year old, Nahian, has a brand new perspective.

Nahian, being a bright student, always wanted to score the highest marks in all subjects. As he manages to top all subjects, Astronomy always messed up his overall result. The subject itself was new for him but Nahian’s interest in outer space was no less. Focused on grinding all the way up to make a better score he never left his Astronomy book. While giving his best he came across the movie Sanju and this is where his unique thoughts take place.

What Magical Pencil is he talking about?

You and I both still don’t know what is this kid talking about, right? While Watching the movie Sanju, Nahian got the knowledge of how his friends score better than him in Astronomy. It’s definitely the magic pencil, he assumed right after Nahian saw Ranbir Kapoor going to space after inhaling his pencil. Ranbir Kapoor’s pencil was more interesting to him than Shakalaka Boom Boom’s magic pencil. The after-effects of this pencil attracted him more as he saw Ranbir Kapoor hallucinating. Nahian always wanted to get lost in the space world and don’t want to meet his bullies in school ever again. Guess he found his way to get everything he wanted so far.

As much as he wants he cannot find the library shop to buy this pencil. Nahian being dedicated, went to every library shop in town and showed Ranbir Kapoor’s screenshot holding that magic pencil. The youngster is confused about that suspicious smile they give when he shows them the picture while nodding that they don’t have that pencil. Nahian still hasn’t found that pencil, can you guy help him if you know where can he find it?

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