20000 Stolen iPhone12 Camera Lenses Found In Gulisthan Pataal Market

Have you broken your favorite iPhone camera and don’t know where to go? Well, then Pataal Market in Gulisthan is definitely not your cup of tea. What they have gathered is the impossible. Even the Apple service center doesn’t have this many camera lenses in their storage room. Can you believe it? Not 1 not 2 but 20000 stolen iPhone 12 original camera lenses in a single Gulisthan underground market called Pataal.

Gulistan Underground Mobile Market (Gulisthan Pataal) started its journey in 1996. The total number of shops in this market is 104 with an uncountable number of thieves. There are no brand set company shops, agents, dealers, showroom service centers in the market but only fraudsters. The market is open from 10 am to 8 pm to steal your iPhone camera lenses in front of your eyes.

Protocol Of Gulisthan Pataal Stealing Your iPhone Parts In Front Of Your Eyes

If you are new in Dhaka then you probably would go to Pataal Market in Gulisthan to fix your favorite iPhone. Why? Cause it’s cheap but little do you know ” Jinish Jeta Bhalo Daam Taar Ektu Beshi.”

So you hand over your iPhone to them with hopes of getting it fixed. Now whatever problem you come up with, the Paatal thieves would claim that it’s an Integrated Circuit (IC) problem. Now they will start opening your phone pretending they are trying to fix it.

Well, distraction is key. The Pataalians are known for their hospitality. But the catch is they will take 20k worth of stuff for a 6tk Tea. While you drink your tea, your camera iPhone camera lens, battery, the display will be replaced shortly with a master copy and you won’t even notice.

And that’s how Gulisthan Pataal has been running since 1996.

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