3 Students Expelled For Wearing Lungi In An Online Exam

Three students from Dinajpur’s Hajee Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology have reportedly been expelled for taking an online test while wearing a lungi.

The dismissal occurred during the semester final test of the 20th batch of the University’s Engineering Faculty’s Food Process and Engineering Department. The students were expelled. However, not for wearing lungis. But for virtually breaking the rules during examinations and referring to sick, according to the faculty.

It has been learned that an examination for the Department of Food and Process Engineering’s General Chemistry course (course number CHE-111) was held on Monday (September 28). Fahad, a student who took part in the improv exam. He was initially dismissed minutes after the online exam began at 12:30 p.m.

Story Of 3 Lungi Guys

Fahad explained, “Within minutes of the test starting, I was requested to change the camera position.” My lungi became visible as I moved the camera up and down. Sir then moved on to lungi. Furthermore, I did not respond when Sir called me a few times, and as a result, I was taken from the zoom meeting and expelled.

Another 20th batch student, Samiul was expelled ten minutes later. ‘There was a lot of light coming from the window behind where I was sitting for the test,’ he explained. My face was difficult to see on camera. Sir then instructed me to open the window curtain, and I did so. Sir, when closing the window, have a peek at my lungi. Later took me out of the zoom and explained the clothing code to me. Later, when I called him, he informed me that I had been expelled.’

‘One guy before me (Fahad) was expelled, and he was also wearing lungi,’ Samiul added. He had previously been expelled for the same reason, and I was also punished for not being unjust to that student since I was wearing a lungi.’

Rihal, a 20-batch student who was dismissed for wearing a lungi. Said that during the exam, he glanced out of the camera. That’s why he was asked to show inside his room and glance around. While showing about, his lungi was also spotted, and he was removed from the zoom meeting.

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