40-Year-Old Man Starts Outlining A Savings Plan For PS5

James Paterson, 40, apparently began outlining a savings plan for a Sony PS5 system on Wednesday. Admitting that he needed to work on a strict budget if he was ever going to afford such a buy.

“Let’s see, it seems like I’ll have to set aside—ouch—about $15 extra every paycheck,” Paterson said, adding that by cutting back on pizza orders to three times a week, he could start to build up a “nice little savings account to start saving for that bad boy.”

“Perhaps I can contact my father and ask him to reactivate my family’s cell phone plan.” That would be really handy. He’s quite sure that if He put in a year or two of effort, He will be able to achieve it.

Who Needs Health Insurance When You Can Get A PS5

James has arrived at this decision after a lot of thought. At the age of 40, who needs health insurance? Even though he has negligible heart problems, he still has a lot of life left with his PS5. But, James said, it was a one-time attack, and he is convinced that he will not become ill in the near future. And what’s life without a PS5?

Like in the good old days, Mom may give me my birthday and Christmas money early. It won’t be easy, but Mom is cool with it. Also, He might be able to get credit for some of my PS4 games. ”At the time of publication, Paterson was calling an old friend who used to work at Best Buy in high school to see if he could help him out with a bargain for PS5.

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