A Sp*rm Bank In Mirpur Is Desperate For Sp*rms

It’s no myth that the people of Mirpur are unintelligent and can’t stop themselves from being born again and again. They are becoming more aware of it every day and are horrified by it, but they will not say anything since their public workers have finally taken steps. A sperm bank has been established in Mirpur, where anyone from Dhaka can donate but not anyone from Mirpur.

Good Initiative From Mirpur

The citizen of Mirpur is really appreciating the brains of who is behind it and completely support this. They know what they are capable of and it’s definitely not enough so this is the only way to bring an evolvement in Mirpur. The Mirpur sp*rm bank is now currently located in Block-G, where you can donate your hard-worked sweat and cash out a few bucks.

Who Is Funding

Mirpur residents, like those in any other foolish town, believed that they were dumb, but that their generations would evolve. As time passed, they recognized they were becoming increasingly absurd and that their sp*rm was lacking. This needs to change in order to compete with the other cities. As a result, the citizens are supporting every aspect of the sperm bank’s operation. Because the city is renowned as the money city, there are no problems with money and everything is running well.

However, no one appears to be coming to their bank to donate. They don’t understand why, despite the fact that they are paying, no one shows up. It’s becoming more difficult for staff at Sp*rm Bank since they are unable to assist their community. The bank also offers entertainment services with females, so you can come and have fun while simultaneously earning money. Who isn’t going to go there right? Unfortunately, they have yet to find suitable donors.

Given the current scenario, they are considering experimenting with sp*rm from animals at Mirpur Zoo to see if they can produce a smarter generation.

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