Ananta Jalil Motives Putin Not To Attack Ukraine

Ananta Jalil, a multi millionaire garments businessman, director, actor as well as a film producer has started to motive Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, not to attack Ukraine.

As the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Vladimir Putin continues to tweet to each other publicly Ananta Jalil didn’t leave the chance not to join the conversation by tweeting.

The presidents of the two countries exchanged threats of nuking and threats of not nuking in exchange for a fair fight without a nuke. Ananta Jalil chimed in, attempting to persuade them both that this war shouldn’t have started in the first place.

Ananta Jalil also expressed his sadness by claiming that this is a loss not for only two countries but the whole world. He is scared that World War III might start any day soon for the two countries fighting in the first place.

The actor always wanted a peaceful world where he could wake up and start making movies as he like but the war is getting serious and he can’t get his mind on writing the scripts.

Ananto Jalil in Putin’s DM

The fantastic director has tweeted to the civilians not to worry about the war as he has DM’ed Vladimir Putin, trying to make him understand what he is doing and he is completely out of his mind.

As per source, Ananta Jalil said “Look my friend, this war is not going to fix anything but rather destroy everything you love. You were born in Ukraine right? Why would you destroy your own home with your own hands? I hope you have been able to recognize me from film industry. Instead of threatening to Nuke them, show them love and they will surely love you back. Come back to reality my friend, it’s high time.”

The businessman hasn’t got a reply yet and don’t know will he be able to stop Russia from invading Ukraine or not.

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