Apple AirTag Helps Find A Guy About His Cheating Noakhaila Girlfriend

Are you curious as to what Apple AirTag is used for? Even Apple, the big company, couldn’t figure out how to utilize Apple AirTag properly, but this Noakhaila kid has. Despite the fact that Noakhailas are economical, Sorab did not hesitate to purchase an expensive device like Apple AirTag. But no Noakhaila would buy anything so pricey without a good cause, right?

Noakhali And Their Usuals

Sorab purchased the AirTags because of his typical Noakhaila girlfriend. Shiuli was dissatisfied with Sorab, and he was aware of it. Shiuli used to go out every day, claiming she had to go to the hospital owing to her health problems. Sorab had a feeling she was up to something since he wasn’t stupid enough to not realize Noakhali didn’t have a hospital. Sorab gave it a lot of consideration and scoured the internet for ways to spy on her girl. After all of his investigation, he discovered Apple AirTag. This is an excellent item to purchase.

What Is Apple AirTag?

AirTag is a simple method to keep track of your belongings. One goes on your keys, while the other goes in your backpack. They’re now on your radar in the Find My app, where you can also hunt down your Apple devices and keep track of your friends and family.

Hunt Begins

Sorab purchased the AirTag in order to spy on Shiuli. He put the Tags in her bag and went through her belongings to see where her love went. He had no idea what he was in for when he saw what he saw! When the kid looked down at his phone, he noticed his girlfriend approaching him. Wait! Is she on her way to me? That was Sorab’s initial thought, but he was wrong. After a few seconds, he noticed Shiuli passing by his house, and the event that he was most afraid of occurred. Shiuli appears to see his elder brother, who is married and lives next door. Sorab’s brother is unemployed, and his wife works in order to feed their stomachs. Sorab’s girl used to come in and have some fun whenever his wife went out to work.

Well, Sorab owes a debt of gratitude to technology and Apple for the creation of Airtag. Sorab would not have discovered his girlfriend cheating on him with his own brother if it weren’t for this.

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