Apple Once Threatened Facebook Over Human Trafficking In Uganda

While Uganda continues to be a vital source of employment for women looking to support their families at home, Facebook admitted that some nations in the area have “particularly serious” human rights violations when it comes to worker protection.

Domestic employees routinely complained to their recruiting agencies. It was about being trap in their houses, malnourished, forced to prolong their contracts. Indefinitely, underpaid, and repeatedly sold to new employers without their agreement, according to one Facebook document. “Agencies frequently told them to be more pleasant in return.”

“We also discovered recruiting companies dismissing more serious offenses. Such as physical or s*xual assault, rather than assisting domestic workers,” the study continued.

Despite the continuous distribution of adverts exploiting migrant workers in Uganda, Facebook stated it took the issue seriously in a statement.

Facebook’s Response To Human Trafficking

“We categorically ban human trafficking,” Facebook stated. “For many years, we’ve been fighting human trafficking on our platform. And our objective remains the same: to prevent anybody who intends to exploit others from finding a home on our platform.”

The pile of papers, taken together, demonstrate Facebook’s enormous scale and global user base. One of the main reasons for its meteoric rise and near-trillion-dollar value. It also reveals its greatest flaw in attempting to control illegal activities on its sites. Such as drug sales and potential human rights and labor violations.

“Facebook now has two faces,” Abunda explained. “Yes, it connects people, as it promotes, but it has also become a shelter for evil people and syndicates waiting for your weak moment to strike.”

“These employees are being recruited and sent to locations like the Gulf and Uganda to labor where there is essentially no oversight of how they are recruited or treated after they get at their destination.” When you combine those two factors, you have a prescription for tragedy.”

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