Argentina Left The Field In Fear Of Losing Says Neymar From Brazil

Brazil and Argentina were set to face a battle in a 2022 World Cup qualifier. It was at the Neo Quimica Arena in Sao Paulo on Sunday evening. However, after four minutes, the match end up called off. When Brazilian officials attempted to deport four Argentina players: Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso, and Emiliano Buendia. But, when enraged, Neymar has claimed the impossible. According to the Brazilian footballer, Argentina’s team always knew they wouldn’t be able to overcome Brazil this time, so they made an excuse to quit the game.

The game was subsequently halt after a lengthy wait, and Brazil had a training session on the pitch instead.

Why Were They Deported In Brazil vs Argentina

The drama began just hours before kickoff when reports surfaced that Argentine Premier League quartet Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso, and Emiliano Buendia set to deport for failing to properly fill out quarantine paperwork for those arriving in Brazil who had visit England recently.

Police were send to the Argentina squad hotel in Sao Paulo, but the problem seems to be handle by CONMEBOL when the visitors arrived at the stadium. And Martinez, Romero, and Lo Celso selected to the starting lineup. The World Cup qualifier was delay four minutes after the ball was kick off due to a ruckus on the sidelines, with officials attempting to reopen the investigation.

Neymar Went Bully Mode

After all of these repercussions, Neymar lost his cool and became enraged. “Are you scared to fight Us?” he said, and he invited them to play if they had the courage. It’s understandable from his perspective. As Neymar had put in a lot of practice time before the game and ended up not participating against their adversary.

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