Arts Students Complaining To Learn New Things As Russia vs Ukraine War Continue

Russia and Ukraine is on the verge of starting a war and Arts students are noticed be the most concerned group out there.

Following an order from Russian President Vladimir Putin for a “special military operation,” Russian soldiers launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday morning, with large explosions heard across the country and tanks apparently breaching the Ukrainian border.

Putin ordered Ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and threatened to respond against countries that obstructed Russia’s operations.

The invasion has been denounced by world leaders, who have pledged to punish with tougher sanctions. President Joe Biden of the United States declared on Thursday that he has authorized new sanctions against Russia. It will “impose a heavy burden on the Russian economy both immediately and over time.”

According to the Associated Press, large explosions were report in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the northern city of Kharkiv, and other regions before morning (AP). Journalists on the ground reported hearing explosions in Sloviansk, Ukraine’s eastern port city. Also, Odessa, Ukraine’s southern port city and an important navy station. At least 40 people have murdered in what Ukraine’s authorities have described as a “full-scale invasion” by Russian forces.

According to the Associated Press, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, imposed martial law. And stated that Russia was attacking military facilities across the country. Following the attacks, he said he spoke with Biden and urged Ukrainians to stay at home and be calm.

Arts Students Not Satisfied With Ukraine Vs Russia

While the war is beginning to start, Arts students have already started to complain about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. They have claimed that their history syllabus is already too big and they cannot take anymore information on their head. Arts students has also claimed that they are doing it for the betterment of future arts students.

As science and commerce syllabus remains constant, the arts syllabus does not and don’t want new arts comers to face the difficulties with the subject itself.

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