Bangladesh Is Known As Vi*rator City In China Says AliExpress Shipping Agent

The Alibaba Group owns AliExpress, an online shopping business located in China. It was founded in 2010 to let groups of Chinese small enterprises allow foreign clients to purchase their favorite items online. But what this delivery man told us was way out of expectation. Bangladesh is making a huge presence in China and is known as a vi*rator city in the Chinese market, AliExpress.

A recent study of AliExpress states that 70% of the Vi*rators from China were sold in Bangladesh. It is between the years 2018 to 2021. It is seen that at least 5 people from Bangladesh order vi*rator from AliExpress every day.

But why is that? Is there any shortage of men in Bangladesh? I think not. But girls, don’t worry we get it. There might be a lot of men out here but none of them are capable of your V. And in this pandemic the V has needs when there’s nothing to do right? You just can’t go out and do stuffs like you used to back in the good old non covid days.

Frustrated AliExpress Shipping Agent From All The Orders From Bangladesh

The AliExpress Shipping agent has let go all of his frustration by ranting at us. Shohag, the AliExpress Shipping agent in Bangladesh has told us that he is tired of shipping all these vi*rators everyday.

” I mean how can any country order so much vi*rator every day? Have they gone mad or are they just lonely? Every single day I have to select a dedicated delivery man to ship this safely to their home cause this isn’t childs play.”

Shohag also said that he may be frustrated but he understands the needs. So he tries to ship these necessassry products as soon as possible cause he knows. Even though he is frustrated but this is where his big paycheck comes from, as most of the orders are for the Vi*rator.

Hail Vi*rator City Bangladesh

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