Bangladeshi Boy Claims To Be Steve Jobs’ Abandoned Son And Demands a Share in Apple!

Rakin is a well-established Bangladeshi 24-year-old lad who now lives in Dhanmondi. He claims to be Steve Jobs’ son and is desperately seeking justice in several courts. He also said that he is doing everything he can. Rakin will try to restore his father’s assets into his hands as a gesture of goodwill. However, the pandemic caught him at the worst time, preventing him from visiting the International Court. He further stated that his lawyer promised him that he would be treated fairly. He would receive what he should’ve before his beloved father’s death.

So what’s actually stopping him?

Rakin adds that his lawyer is confident enough to inform Reed Jobs (Steve Jobs’ son) that his retirement is approaching. Rakin will be in charge of taking Apple to a far better position than it is presently. “The lockdowns in Bangladesh are directed from the United States. The government isn’t even in command. It’s just a strategy to keep Rakin from filing a lawsuit because Reed Jobs can’t afford to lose his company. So he’s doing as much as he can with his influence,” his lawyer says.

Rakin is also aware of his responsibilities as Apple’s CEO. He assures all ordinary people that the business will reduce all product prices. Because he feels it is draining money from ordinary citizens. “Since my father’s death, all Apple has done is sell their brand and nothing else. I have seen how the goods are manufactured and what level of quality they give. I will make sure that the quality improves while also making it more affordable for the average individual to purchase,” Rakin states.

After all of this, Rakin vows to offer each of his supporters a brand new Apple device and a life-securing job at Apple.

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