Bella Poarch Became Successful After Joining The Illuminati

Bella Poarch, a girl from Philippines, has gone viral in TikTok. She shifted to Hawaii back in April 2020. She was born in February 9, 1997. Bella Poarch made a debut with her TikTok on “M to the B” and it went viral around the globe. The video had became the most liked video in TikTok. It crossed over 48 million likes within few nights. Most people have tagged it as “Bella Poarch hypnotic lip-sync”.

She has become the hot topic around the globe. But did you know about these interesting facts? She was part of the U.S. Navy. She joined back in 2017 and served for three years. She left in the year 2020 and started her career in TikTok.

Bella Poarch also recently shared that she has mental issues, depression and anxiety to be precise. As per her recent TikTok video titling “TikTok saved my life”. She claims that TikTok helped her to fight her mental illness but that’s a fantasy.

Did Bella Poarch actually joined Illuminati?

Some people found her creepy and some people found her hot. This Filipino TikToker also has hands with Illuminati. The over night success and fame she received was within days.

Lately she confessed her affiliation with the Illuminati changed her life, after being a part of the cult. She eventually hit success with which she obtained her fame and wealth.

She’s confused about her life suddenly changed from nothing to top tier celebrity on TikTok but eventually she’s ready to handle what’s in fate for her.

Illuminati is a myth but people usually believe it to be a cult almost responsible for almost every worldly affairs such as fame, success and wealth.

Illuminati is almost responsible for every public figure from Hollywood but actually there’s no stopping to it. The cult is ever growing and nobody knows how big they actually are.

People around you might even be a part of the cult but being a part of Illuminati eventually comes with a life long price to pay.

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