Bill Gates Confess Having A New Girlfriend In An Interview

Bill Gates is back on the field after a rough divorce? While Melinda French left him in dark, Bill Gates didn’t choose to stand back. Bill Gates confirmed in an interview that he is now ready to show his ex-wife what he is capable of and what she is missing out on.

After a very long time, Bill Gates finally agrees to appear in an interview. He avoided the media since he was not ready to reveal the new himself due to so many controversies. Gentleman states that simplicity was all he promoted until he discovered what he was missing out on. The upcoming Trillionaire revealed his new Italian lover, an ex-escort, in the interview. Nonetheless, she has guaranteed her future with this billionaire. He also stated that he is open to having numerous girlfriends. Bill Gates’ sudden change in attitude throughout the conversation was observed by the interviewer. He also admitted publicly that he is no longer afraid of controversies and will not care what others think of him.

Is Bill Gates Doing it to Get his Ex-Wife’s attention?

It’s no accident that Bill Gates announced the launching of Windows 11 and his new girlfriend shortly after his divorce. As a joke in the interview, he urged pretty girls to DM him with an even smile. What is he up to? Is he genuinely making jokes, or is it simply what he wants? Sir Gates has also stated that he has successfully moved on from his divorce and urges her ex-wife, Melinda French, to do the same.

The interview was surely a shock to all of us. Is the most humble guy now the most badass guy on the planet? He can certainly do anything he wants with all that fame and money, but he was never like this. The divorce must have been quite difficult for him.

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